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Experts in data security and business improvement 

Most IT firms just understand IT. At FinTechnology we use technology to help build and protect your business.

  • Are your business systems flexible and scalable?
  • Are you securing and backing up your cloud systems?
  • Are you investing in the right areas of technology for business growth?
  • Is data security keeping you up at night?

The landscape has changed and businesses are now heavily reliant on technology for the day to day operations of their business. From the road to your office to your boardroom, technology underpins your interactions with your clients and the performance of your business. At FinTechnology we believe in understanding your business first, then providing reliable technology advice, solutions and ongoing service with emphasis on data security and business improvement.

It's the smarter choice for your business.

We listen to your needs then tailor a comprehensive end-to-end technology solution comprised of monthly vCIO advice, regular technology audits, data security, web and digital marketing, cloud services, audio visual, CCTV and all the necessary hardware and software bundled together with the fast and effective service when you need it most .

Don't get left behind, talk to us today. 

"The team at FinTechnology are great to work with. They understand the commercial reality of a business requiring the latest technology to enhance functionality while considering the financial ROI."

Anne Fornaro, Managing Director of Fornaro Financial Group




Taking the Red Pill: Top Challenges In The Accounting Industry
February 10, 2019
Taking the Red Pill: Top Challenges In The Accounting Industry

Accountants seem to be facing more challenges than they ever have before, the industry is changing rapidly. We conducted a small survey of 157 accounting firms in Australia that revealed that technology is shaping the problems they face. 

A (Business) Catalyst for change
October 25, 2018
A (Business) Catalyst for change

It’s official. Another glittering star in the Adobe constellation of business tools will soon fall from the night sky. If you’re using the Business Catalyst platform, then you need to take note. Much like the NBN rollout, not moving to another product could leave you in limbo

The Side Hustle: Everybody is doing it, so why aren't you?
October 15, 2018
The Side Hustle: Everybody is doing it, so why aren't you?

When you’re just starting your own business, you spend a lot of time thinking about income and revenue. Specifically, how to bring in extra income or revenue for your business. It isn’t too long before the “side hustle” pops into mind.